Find Specialists Who Will Make Your Company Stand Out

At HeadHunter-Recruitment we understand that the heart of every successful organization is its people. Therefore, our task is to find those unique talents who not only match the client’s professional requirements, but also fit into the company’s culture


Finances and Accountancy

We acquire financial experts who not only understand numbers, but can turn them into success strategies.

Marketing and Management

Your marketing or management team will be strengthened by innovative minds and strategic talents that will contribute to the development of your brand.

IT Industry

In the digital world, the key is access to the best IT specialists – from programmers to cybersecurity Experts.


We provide professionals from the construction industry who have both technical knowledge and the ability to manage complex projects.


In every aspect of engineering, from mechanical to electrical, we help you find engineers who are innovators in their fields.

Global Talents for Your Company

We expand our recruitment efforts beyond the borders of the European Union to provide your company with access to global talent.

How We Fulfill Our Mission


Client Needs

Working closely with the client to understand the job specifications, expected skills and organizational culture


Searching for Candidates

Using a variety of sources and tools to identify potential candidates that meet the client’s requirements.


Screening and Selection

Conducting initial screening by reviewing CVs, telephone or video interviews to assess candidate fit for job requirements.


Interviews & Assesment

Organizing interviews with selected candidates, assessing their skills, competences and cultural fit


Reference Checking

Verifying the candidate’s professional history and checking references to ensure their credibility and qualit


Candidate's Presentation

After a thorough assessment, the most suitable candidates are presented to the client, with a detailed discussion of their qualifications, experience and potential for fit.

Our goal is to recruit the best candidates available on the labor market

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Our goal is to recruit the best candidates available on the labor market

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